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K'vetsch Queer Cabaret on Sunday

This Sunday is going to be extreme in the greatness department, so come look at it and listen toward it. It is K'vetsh! And all-gender all-oriented open mary held at Sadie's Flying Elephant. Full of film, performance art and more reading opportunities that you can shake a stick at. It's a rock and roll punk rock poet kinda party see you there!

Super exciting awesome performers and show info under the cut.

Your features:

Math! math bass is a video and performance artist who lives and works in San Francisco. She makes work about imagined queer utopias and is invested in the continual rebuilding/inventing of feminist language and landscape. Her favorite thing to do with other artists is to collaborate!


Charlotte Gutierrez! Charlotte Gutierrez is a San Francisco based filmmaker who has screened her darkly hilarious films at film festivals all around the world. She was born and raised in the City by the Bay and is an avid Giants fan who has been creating stories and films since her childhood. She has been named as one of the nations emerging Latina filmmakers by the National Association of Latino Independent Producers, worked on the Oscar nominated WEATHER UNDERGROUND, guest curated films for the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and for Cine Accion's Festival Cine Latino, as well as had her acting talents featured in local independent films. Her seat in the directors chair was cemented however after a scarring stint as an extra in the Hollywood Blockbuster, HOWARD THE DUCK. Determined to create films that make people laugh while making them think, Charlotte's film credits include the short films Yardbird, About That Lesbian Puppet, Speak of the Devil, Victor, and CHICKEN: an untitled short. She is currently working on several narrative shorts and a feature film screenplay.

Hosted by Tara, and GUEST HOST Samara Halperin!!!! Kirk is writing on an island and will be back in October.

This Sunday, Sept 7th, 2008. 8:30 pm sign-ups, 9:00 show at Sadie's Flying Elephant, corner of Potrero and Mariposa in San Francisco. 21+. Please donate two to five dollars. We give it all to the features. For the open mic people: we would love to hear one piece of less than five minutes or five minutes of a longer piece. This tends to be about two double-spaced pages. Five haiku. One song, clear medleys with the management. We want to drink you in.
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