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I'm not a grown up, I'm a musician

Junkstock this Saturday!

 The Junkstock kick off party and event will be held on Saturday, July 25th from 11am - 5pm in Golden Gate Park, at Marx Meadow. Junkstock is an absolutely FREE, family friendly event. Adults and kids can learn how to make a kazoo, sing a song, and more!

We will feature an acoustic stage with some of the Bay Area’s premier performers encompassing the vision that instruments, composition and performance come from, sometimes, unexpected places. Here's the schedule:

Noon – Just Henry
12:30 – Reverend and Missus McCubbin
1:00 – The Goat Family
2:00 – Liquor Cake
2:30 – Drew Piston
3:00 – Aesthetic Cling
3:30 – 5 Cent Coffee
4:00 – Vagabondage
4:30 – One Man Banjo
5:00 - Jam

The day will include scheduled workshops—take things out of your recycle bin and make your own instruments or make household or hardware store items sing (or clank whatever the case may be)!

Amy Zing - Learn to play the musical SAW!
Chris Callahan - Spoons! Learn to play percussion with your utensils.
Bryn Tucker - Tin Pan Mandolin construction
Megan Tucker - Fun and Easy instruments and songs for Children
Steve Tucker - Making instruments from plumbing parts
Holly Callahan - The Cup game, poly rhythmic percussion for kids (& Adults!)
Wayne Hagen- Learn to play the Jug!
Spitshine from 5 Cent Coffee - Make a drumset out of household junk or make and play a DIDDLEY BO!
Doodles LaRue from 5 Cent Coffee - Make a kazoo & learn to play it like Louis Armstrong!
Kelly McCubbin, The Ukulele Apocalypse - Old Time songs for Ukulele & other instruments.
Steve Tucker - Primitive oboes and bagpipes made from sticks and hardware store bits, and reeds made from plastic cups, dental floss and other fun trash!
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